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भावातीत ध्यान

Transcendental Meditation is a Simple, Natural, Easy, Effortless and Effective technique which one can practice by sitting comfortably anywhere. Only 20 Min. in morning & evening practice of TM is necessary. It is validated and verified both by the Veda and Science. It is as old as the tradition of mankind.
This technique has been verified by more than 700 scientific researches. TM is the most popular technique practiced in 192 countries around the world. By now more than 9 million people throughout the world practice Transcendental Meditation and many thousands of them are practicing TM- Sidhi programme also.

TM is Unique & different from concentration and contemplation. It is totally based on science and is not related to any religion.


  1. Transcendental Meditation is systematic and scientific.
  2. It is natural, easy and effortless.
  3. It is powerful and effects immediately.
  4. There is no need for any change in life style, food habit etc. during the practice of Transcendental Meditation.
  5. By learning this technique people of any religion, community, faith, belief, caste or creed can achieve full benefits from it.
  6. People suffering from Depression, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Ulcer, Asthma, Heart diseases and other more than 90% of psychological and psychosomatic diseases get benefits from the practice of this technique.
  7. No educational qualification required for learning TM.
  8. It is for everyone of the age 10 years & above.
  9. It is the best technique for personality development.

During Transcendental Meditation one experiences subtler or finer levels of mind. As there is very close relationship between mind and body, a very fine change on the mental level corresponds to a change in physical activity also.

For example:

  1. Oxygen consumption becomes less.
  2. Partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood remain essentially constant.
  3. It effects decrease in Cardiac output, Breath rate and Metabolic rate, thus proves beneficial for the patients of High B.P. and Heart disease.

Regular practice of this technique brings fulfillment to every field of life. The benefits of Transcendental Meditation have been verified on the ground of scientific researches. Hence “The Transcendental Meditation is for the experience and Veda & Science are for verification & validation.

  • Achievement of Full Mental Potentiality
  1. Intelligence becomes sharp and deep i.e. improvement in Intelligence Quotient- IQ.
  2. Thinking power increases along with the power of wider comprehension.
  3. Memory increases. Weakness, Impulsiveness and Anxiety decrease and emotional balance is gained.
  4. Clarity of thinking increases.
  • Foundation of Good Physical & Mental Health
  1. Nervous system gets deep rest by the practice of this technique as a result of which stresses are released bringing normalization to the nervous system. One is established in the Self i.e. one becomes perfectly healthy.
  2. Immunity level increases which provides strength to fight all kinds of diseases.
  3. Improves quality of sleep & provides relief from Insomnia.
  4. Being a very effective relaxation technique provides deep rest to both mind & body.
  5. Reversal of Biological Ageing & increased Longevity.
  6. Normalization of body weight.
  7. Growth of perfect mental health, sense of well-being & mental peace.
  8. Relief from psychosomatic diseases & psychological disorders like Depression.
  • Development of Personality:
  1. Emotional maturity & stability improve i.e. improvement in Emotional Quotient -EQ.
  2. Increase in self-esteem & self-confidence.
  3. Tolerance increases with greater self-control & self discipline.
  4. Increased self-actualization.
  5. There is an increase in positive attitude and consistency.
  6. Enhanced decision taking ability.
  7. Increased ability to think & act efficiently in present.
  8. Personality becomes forceful & influential along with decreased tendency to dominate.
  9. Increased psychological, physiological and social adaptability & leadership ability.
  10. Greater initiative, energy & dynamism.
  11. Inferiority complex disappears.
  • Education
  1. Improved concentration & memory.
  2. Increased learning ability and intellectual performance.
  3. Greater analytical thinking ability with wider comprehension & better problem solving ability.
  4. Improved perceptual ability of special senses & development of interest in learning.
  5. Relief from anxiety neurosis and exam-fear.
  • Improvement in Social Behavior
  1. Develops tolerance and sense of social responsibility.
  2. Develops sense of co-operation, friendliness & loyalty.
  3. Brings harmony in life with self & surrounding.
  4. Increased capacity for warm & long lasting interpersonal relationship and good humor.
  5. Greater empathy & respectfulness.
  6. Improvement in moral maturity and orderliness in life.
  7. Tendency to drug addiction decreases along with gradual reduction in smoking habits, alcohol & drug abuses.
  • Business and Industry.
  1. Increased Job Satisfaction & Improved Job Performance.
  2. Increased productivity, creativity & problem solving ability.
  3. Ability to focus attention & alertness increase.
  4. There is improvement in the relationship with co-workers and supervisors.
  5. Increased organizational ability.
  6. Fast recovery from exertion.
  7. Decreased absenteeism and decreased tendency to procrastinate.
  1. Sense of completeness, fulfillment, mental peace & bliss in life.
  2. Develops feeling of oneness with the environment.
  3. Realization of the Self, inner strength & unboundedness in life.
  4. One is established in the Self & one starts living on the higher level of consciousness.

On the basis of their experience of Transcendental Meditation people refer to it as a level of consciousness that brings a feeling of mental and physical freshness. They feel that one cannot utilize full mental potential due to the accumulated stress in the nervous system. TM releases those stresses and it becomes possible to utilize full mental potential. One gets Progress, Fulfillment, Mental peace, Bliss, Perfect health & Harmony in life.

Please Remember:

TM is not a religion. It is a science based on human consciousness.
TM is the completely natural, genuine meditation.

Five Days. Two  hours daily.

“INTRODUCTORY LECTURE: Every Saturday Evening 6:00 PM To 8:00 PM”

Contact Us:

MF-107, Magh Sector, Sundarban Colony, Lekhanagar,
CIDCO, Nashik-422009, Maharashtra.(INDIA)
: (0253) 6521122
. 9405355591, 9405355592
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Websites: www.alltm.org, www.tm.org, www.mum.edu, www.askthedoctors.com, www.doctorsontm.com


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